What will happen during the test?

For most ultrasound exams, the patient is positioned lying face-up on an examination table that can be tilted or moved.

This test will take approximately 15 minutes. A clear water-based gel is applied to the area of the body being studied to help the transducer make secure contact with the body and eliminate air pockets between the transducer and the skin. The sonographer (ultrasound technician) then presses the transducer firmly against the skin and sweeps it over the area of interest.

The transducer sends sound waves through the back of your neck, to the transcranial vessels and back. Then with the aid of computer software we are able to see these vessels on a monitor.

When the examination is complete, the gel will be wiped off the skin, and if the patient has concluded all of their vascular studies, the patient will then be asked to dress and wait while the ultrasound images are reviewed.